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Screenshot 2015-06-08 20.12.50Margret Wibmer at Styleconception Open Space in Innsbruck (A), 2014.

photograph: Martina Matuella 


Margret Wibmer works systematically on the border between art and fashion, employing a variety of mediums such as performance, photography, video and sculpture. In her participatory performances garments designed by the artist function as mediation tools between the wearer and it’s surroundings . As museum visitors turn from viewers into ‘actors’ and the other way around, the work produces an immediate physical experience and challenges preconceptions and social relations.


In recent years Margret Wibmer has been active as an educator and a recruiter and connector in the cultural field while continuing her independent artistic practice. Since 2012 she is roaming ambassador and fundraiser at the Dutch Art Institute (DAI), an international MFA program and creator/director of Mbassy Unlimited, an independent alliance for contemporary art & culture seeking to create new equity for the arts in an increasingly challenging time.






photography background by Margret Wibmer: studio shot




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