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Numerous encounters and experiences have influenced and inspired my photography, sculptures, video works and performances over the years.


Having grown up in a mountainous area in Austria, which wasn’t easily accessible until a long tunnel was built through the mountains, influenced my perception of space and fostered an intense desire to explore things out of reach. Back then the radio was an important source of inspiration and a tool that enabled a connection to the larger world. The significance of objects in connecting body and space has been an ongoing research in my work and is reflected for example in my photo series ‘the girl and her object’.


I grew up with fabrics and acquired knowledge about cloth making at a young age, as my mom was a tailor. Fabrics and clothing play an important role specifically in my performative works, as a connective medium and wearable object. 


The discovery of jazz music brought me to New York where I got acquainted with different cultures and the vibrant New York art scene of the 1980ies. This is where the first significant formation of my work took place. A close encounter with the work of Franz Erhardt Walther was important for the development of my early body-related sculptures and the introduction of garments as a connective medium in interactive installations like ‘off the wall’ (1998 – 2000) and others. Music has always been a great source of inspiration. I regularly collaborate with musicians for the production of my video works and performances.


Through new family ties which also were a result of living in New York, I was introduced to Japanese, Afro-American and African cultures. This multicultural reality, which has become an enriching part of my life, is reflected in works produced in Europe, the US, Asia and Africa. It also informs my performances that are essentially aiming at bringing people together and building relations.


Using garments as a catalyst between audience and performer, these site-specific works involve the public as ‘actors’. Through embodied and social experiences, the performances aim at creating awareness of our surroundings, our relationship with other people, with places, and their history.


photography background by Margret Wibmer: studio shot




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