‘encounters with nature’ , a performance directed by Margret Wibmer, opens up space for participation and dialogue, for reflection and production.


Simulating the natural cycle of day and night in Natlab’s theater space with neither stage nor seating for a public and enveloped by a soundscape by Robert van Heumen, visitors are invited to share thoughts and concerns regarding nature and the nonreciprocal effects caused by human activity.

Garments designed by Margret Wibmer are worn and exchanged and will function as collective vessels for sharing thoughts. For two days, Natlab will turn into a communal site where visitors take on the role of producers and collectors. A visible and invisible narrative will be produced continuously as wearers of the garments, new visitors and stage assistants come and go, interact and change roles.


The performance lives only through participation. Everyone is welcome to join!


natlab 2016-04-05 16.27.24












natlab2016-04-05 16.28.05



natlab 2016-04-06 14.53.18



natlab2016-04-06 14.53.41

All images above were taken during the performance at Natlab: photography Margret Wibmer





















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