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MIRACLES DO Still Occur… What happened during this weekend, when I saw my beloved Oude Kerk spire, ‘hanging’ in a beautiful blanket of fog. She was my destination on Saturday; and there I met the Austrian artist Margret Wibmer, together with the Friends of this amazing, gothic Beauty. And all of us, some 50, performed in her art project TIME OUT.. All of us, and ahead of todays “All Souls’ Day”, spent over an hour on top of our favourite tombstone (mine: central aisle, nr 190), and in the quiet company of several souls underneath. I was with the Van Braam family and in particular with Andreas Everardus van Braam Houckgeest, this travelling “American”, who was the last “European” (also!) to pay his respects to that Chinese Emperor Qianlong, and his Old China of 1795 – when this monarch was exactly 60 years on the throne. So last Saturday, in this one hour of silence and in my warm, black robe and cap… I also travelled across the globe to that, then vast terra incognito of the Chinese empire. And back, several times, just like Andreas, and also our King Willem-Alexander, in China, last week (images: 2/3/4, Herbert rising from Andreas’ grave). While I was travelling & thinking… I heard the incredibly, silvery sounds of young Angels.. there were two, one French and one Russian – and so funny: two tiny Putti, and.. both called Lilly. Look.. listen ! It happened on 31 October in the Red Light of Amsterdam, inside this amazing space. It was indeed a miracle (you’ll agree)


Herbert van Hasselt




saenredam, piranesi en dibbets kwamen langs; pilaren leken horizontaal in de ruimte te hangen, gewelven zweefden langzaam naar beneden, hierarchie tussen boven en onder verdween.

ik voelde me als een diepzeeduiker, gewichtloos (en dat terwijl ik op een keiharde koude steen lag…).
en wat een onbeschrijfelijk mooi licht.


Koeno Sluyterman van Loo