MBASSY UNLIMITED (MBU), founded by artist Margret Wibmer, is an independent alliance for contemporary art & culture that initiates cross-cultural and trans-disciplinary collaboration.


MBUs mission is to communicate and to ignite a new dialogue from the artists perspective relating to a broadening audience in light of an increasing global interconnection.


MBU seeks to create new equity for the arts in an increasingly challenging time.


Mbassy Unlimited introduces emerging visual artists who’s work engenders multiple disciplines and areas of knowledge, while inventing or adapting new production methods. It is from these artists’ viewpoint as inquisitive minds, who dare to negotiate their position regardless of the art canon and the art market steered by commercial interests, that we can experience and gain understanding of changes in today’s society.



Local events  in the Netherlands such as ‘conversations with artists’, have been supported by and presented at the residence of the Austrian Ambassador, the residence of the American Ambassador, the Belgian Embassy / Vlaamse Vertegenwoordiging and GEMAK, an independent contemporary art space, all located in The Hague.


‘Conversations with artists’ are art experiences for small groups, that provide expertise and tools for looking at contemporary art in a friendly and informal atmosphere.





image on background: Margret Wibmer, 2010





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