MUSASHI brave adventures at Styleconception in Innsbruck, Austria – during Premierentage Innsbruck 6/11 – 8/11 2014.



Lecture performance by Margret Wibmer On Thursday 6/11


Open workshop led by visual artist Margret Wibmer in which she explores collaborative practice and new forms of engaging with the public.


workshop results_styleconception




this and following images: participants Ferrarischule Innsbruck and others


In the exhibition space, large photo prints are hanging on the walls showing body parts and technical objects, arranged in serial order. These originate from Wibmer’s photographic artworks in which she investigates relations between body and object, body and environment.


An example is her series titled reconstruction from 2011, ‘in which clothing serves as a connecting link as a ‘Schnittstelle’, in other words, an interface of the place where the cut is made, as an exchange between human beings and their environment’. ( Ludwig Seyfarth, relax your hips in Ambiguity – bodies, objects and spaces. p 21; publ. Kerber Verlag)



From the ‘reconstruction’ series: ‘melt down’,  2010, fine art print on Dibond, 130 x 100 cm, Ed. 5 + 1 AP


Workshop participants were invited to cut out parts from my artworks and make their own compositions, exploring methods of constructing and deconstructing through making and performing.


Working individually & in groups, sharing ideas and getting immediate feedback from visitors or co-participants, they are exploring their own creativity in a friendly, stimulating atmosphere.


This process of co-creation and using material from original artworks raises questions about art as an autonomous commodity and ownership. These were discussed during an informal evening with invited artists while the workshop results were still on show, organised by Charly Walter from Styleconception.


In 2015 and onward, this project will be offered to art schools, community centers and museums. The results of the workshops become part of a collection and will be featured in project related exhibitions.

artist talk (Expertenführung) with Lucas Gehrmann 



Screenshot 2015-03-16 13.37.46

photosheets / workshopmaterial





Screenshot 2015-03-16 13.43.23



Screenshot 2015-03-16 13.42.18







Screenshot 2015-03-16 13.53.04




Screenshot 2015-03-16 13.40.46













































Screenshot 2015-07-01 16.23.18

material used during lecture performance


Screenshot 2015-07-01 16.23.38

photogrpahs 1 – 2 Günther Richard Wett: after the lecture performance and before the workshop



Margret Wibmer and Lucas Gehrmann



Screenshot 2015-07-01 16.25.35

collage participant


Screenshot 2015-07-01 16.25.20

workshop participant


Screenshot 2015-07-01 16.25.05

Margret Wibmer and Peter Warum


Screenshot 2015-07-01 16.24.53

Margret Wibmer and Charly Walter


Screenshot 2015-07-01 16.25.51

Margret Wibmer explaining the setting to Rudolf Scholten, former Austrian minister Art and Education, who held a talk on politics and art at AUT during Premierentage.



Screenshot 2015-07-01 16.26.03

Afterparty at Styleconception with artist Paul Albert Leitner and gallerist Clemens Rhomberg.



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