Participants: Chris Ran Lin, Annette Martin, Vladislav Kanevsky, Blake Barns and Toshelen Cherrie.




The workshop aimed at investigating the relationship between body and garment through media and performance.


Margret provided large size photographic prints with isolated body parts and technical objects from her artworks, arranged in serial order. These originate from Wibmer’s photo-based works in which she investigates the relationship between body and object.


Students explored new methods of constructing garments and accessories, translating and interpreting images beyond appropriation, creating narratives around the body, wearable shapes and textures that invite the imagination.




“The cut of the scissor is like the click of a camera or the whirr of a movie camera, like a stroke of the pencil or paintbrush: all these acts decisively isolate a form or representation, marking a surface that generates a reality. The cut puts an end to the traditional representation of the image, dissolving it and then restoring it as a testimony to the artist’s vision and understanding… [i]ts use unites artists, photographers, designers and tailors …” – Germano Celant, To Cut is to Think (Art/Fashion – 1996)



Day 1:

























Day 2:


























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