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The Brooklyn sessions 



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This is a first selection of video stills from The Brooklyn Sessions, filmed in August 2018 in a warehouse on Flatbush Avenue where my studio was located during the 1980ies.

The participating ‘performers’, all close friends of mine, are performing one and the same garment. The Relay, which is the name I gave to this garmentis made from three-and-a-half panels of unbleached cotton fabric, equipped with a number of circular holes, carefully hemmed by hand. Strings attached to the sides of each panel can be used to gather the fabric. Materiality and space are explored through movement and touch, folding and unfolding, air and breath; revealing the imagination and personality of the ‘performer’ and the magic and intelligence of body and textile.

The design of the garment was inspired by research on the history of fashion and the significance of clothing as a mirror of social and environmental changes. Knowledge of materials and technologies that I acquired over the years as well as previous cross-disciplinary collaborations and performances have contributed to the development of this work which invites us to take a new look at the interrelatedness of body, culture and garment.


Special thanks to my dear friends Al Attara, Nina Allen, Michael Chang, Tania Haselwander, Bi Li,  Linda Mason, Mara Meyers, Suzan Morianz, Alva Rogers, Laura Rubin for their generous contributions and for sharing their creativity and imagination. 


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