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THE HOLDING, 2006, interactive installation at Kunstpavillon in Innsbruck. was part of the exhibition ‘entering a strange field’.




Barefoot I step through a kind of gate lock into the back part of the Kunstpavillon. I slip into a dark coat, its seam touching the ground, fasten it around my waist with a belt. Never before have I worn a kimono, but this belt reminds me of an obi. Yet at the same time it could also be an ammunition belt or a holster. The sleeves I tuck up with the help of a ribbon that is being fixated with Velcro fasteners – almost as if my blood pressure were being taken, this goes through my mind. Next I put on a piece of headgear that can be worn in different ways, and I decide to tie it at the back like a headscarf. My outfit is rounded off with a pair of sunglasses. I am anonymus. [excerpt from essay by Ingeborg Erhart]



essay by ingeborg erhart_[english]

essay by Ingeborg Erhart [german]








art director and producer:

margret wibmer


sound engenering:

robert van heumen


clothing design, styling and photography:

margret wibmer


model dress instructions:

malaya wibmer


light engenering on location:

markus dziemballa


construction on location – tech team kunstpavillon, innsbruck:

klaus bartl, franz brunner, günther gstrein and christian sanders



sybille brunner and georg laich, innsbruck


exhibition curator:

ingeborg erhart, kunstpavillon/innsbruck


video documentation:

robert van heumen


video editing:

jozee brouwer



Special thanks to STEIM institute, halotech lichtfabrik, ORF tirol, ina pronk/loods 6, robert poss, suzanne morianz, lou etoundi menange, saskia monshouwer.



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