UNDRESS: Anna Baumgart/Margret Wibmer at Galerie am Polylog in Wörgl/Austria

I am pleased to share information about the upcoming exhibition at Galerie am Polylog in Wörgl / Austria. Please visit the website of the gallery for additional information.


Anna Baumgart / Margret Wibmer “UNDRESS”

Exhibition date: 17. 11. – 16.12.2017

Opening reception: 17. 11. at 7 p.m. 


Welcome: Mag. Gabi Madersbacher, Chair Verein am Polylog

Introduction: Dr. Günther Moschig, Curator

Opening: Ms. Hedi Wechner, Major of Wörgl

Performance: Infinite Play by Margret Wibmer



The exhibition is a dialogue between Anna Baumgart and Margret Wibmer based on a shared interest in participatory performances, testing the boundaries of a garment and the relation between bodies, objects and spaces.


Anna Baumgart considers garments in the sense of Merleau-Ponty, as an extension of the body that aids in the construction of social and individual identities. Margret Wibmer, based on a critique of standardization related to industrial production, introduces the idea of separating body and garment for the emergence of a new dialogue. She considers the interrelatedness of body, culture, garment, movement and time itself as material.


On view will be video works, photo-based works and sculptural pieces.


Screenshot 2017-10-24 13.49.43

image background: Margret Wibmer, ‘threshold 1’, 2017, Fine Art Print, limited edition