Connecting Art, Connecting Environments / in Doha, Qatar

Connecting Art, Connecting Environments, brings together female artists and cultural workers from Qatar, Palestine, Austria, The Netherlands and Yemen.  The lecture takes place at Bin Jelmood House in Doha on March 9th in front of a live audience in Doha, Qatar.  My participation is generously supported by the Austrian Embassy in Doha. 

Bouthayna Al-Muftah (QA), Lina Ramadan (PS), Margret Wibmer (AT), and Meryem Slimani (NL)moderated by Shaima Al-Tamimi (YE)

While the art world is reflecting and amplifying the capitalist crisis today, artists and art organisations are at the same time actively engaged in raising awareness of conditions that challenge our very existence. Art and artists play a vital role in the preservation of culture and the environment, casting a light on the status and the future of ecosystems: the land, the culture, the body. How is that shaped into the visual culture? What role do artists play in unveiling urgent societal and environmental conditions? Most importantly, to what extent is the position of women artists heard within private and collective systems?”


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