Kraftwerk peripher, Wasserkraftwerk Imst, Ötztal, Austria, 2003


The installation ‘Ausflug’ was part of ‘Kraftwerk peripher’ an exhibition and research project curated by Christoph Bertsch at Wasserkraftwerk Imst. The fully operational hydroelectric power plant that under normal circumstances does not allow visitors, was interpreted by 41 invited artists in two seperate events, turning the power plant into a different kind of energy central, energizing visitors through art. Margret Wibmer’s installation invited visitors to wear a white outfit the artist developed for this project and lie down on fluffy cotton mats laid out in the turbine hall. Visitors accepting this somewhat challenging invitation, experienced the deafening noise from the power plant turn into a pleasantly pulsating sensation.

Kraftwerk peripher exhibition and research project curated by Christoph Bertsch

Ausflug, 2003, mixed media installation: Garments, photographs, instructions, floor mats.

Ausflug 2, Ausflug 2 – 2002 – 23 x 21 ea. – Fine Art print on Hahnemühle – Ltd. Ed. 10 + 1 AP