Le Credac, Ivry, France, 2000


The proposition of Margret Wibmer starts from the body. They are remarkable in their capacity to take account of the immediate givens of the body’s experience, given short shrift in anatomical representation. Through these immediate givens it is possible to perceive that every represented body into which being is to be injected is a body in situation. It is an object, in a situation of fragility, it is exposed: it is inscribed in real space. It has weight – which it uses or hangs with ( as in the sculptures Location and Fahrenheit). It undergoes tension. Under the duress of such an effort of reality, the works stretch downward, hang, and seem about to come apart. (…)

Julia Garimorth (excerpt)

The text by Julia Garimorth was written on the occasion of the exhibition ‘Incontro’ at Le Credac, contemporary art center, Ivry sur Seine, France in 2000. Exhibition curator: Madeleine van Doren. With works by Judith P. Fischer, Jehanne-Marie Gavarini, Helga Throsdottir, Margret Wibmer

Location, 1999, latex, fabric, aluminum – 250 x 37 x 20 cm

Anthropology of the human condition I, 1996, archival pigment print on baryta – 54 x 43 cm Ed. 3

Deceptive appearance, 2000, plastic, terry cloth, 127 x 80 x 15 cm

Fahrenheit, 1999, latex, metal, wood, 146 x 26 x 20 cm

No aim, no gain, 2001, rubber, fabric, wood, 120 x 35 x 20 cm, Private collection Amsterdam

Anthropologie of the human condition IV, 1996, archival pigment print on baryta – 54 x 43 cm Ed. 3

Photography: Laurent Lecat