‘Recent Works’, Lumen Travo Gallery, Amsterdam, 2005

We know how to take dirt and make computers out of it. We’ve learned to manipulate our universe. – Except at some level it doesn’t make good sense. Some part of the imagery is missing. The description does not entail our intuition of the world

Mitchell J. Feigenbaum, mathematician

The world of New Magic commits symbols to the vibrating electronic ether and mystically conjures up something that is with you. You’re on eBay!

A friend

Here is a space inhabited by a strange assembly: Objects that extend, droop, nod and tempt. Some in mid-pour from out of the wall, some reaching with a lateral yaw. Overall there is a slight suspicion that the walls might actually be keeping something out.

“measurements” are taken. 2- dimensional human image joins 3- dimensional object. Connecting points becoming vectors suggesting a 4th dimension of time and movement.

The flexing and supple body stands out as a guide, a gauge for measuring the varying tension between the representations of the body and the personified object.

It is the sensor of gradual degrees of elasticity vs. gravity, latency and suspense and a rubber band kind of relaxed tension.

A narrative begins and spreads among the busy objects that seem only to pause to invite detailed investigation. A white skirt declaring independence, then obliging. Is there a ball-meets-racket sound coming from somewhere? At 5PM the guide poses a challenge to pull on a red string.

There is disrobing going on. With some of the more seductively clothed objects the tension simmers down to sheer languor, approaching the point of total surrender.

Then there is “the girl with the object”. The only eyes here that meet the eyes. She must be the ambassador. Universally indigenous she comes from a galaxy, far, far …within, holding her dad’s helmet/cloaking device.

Turning from the room there is a slight feeling of being watched. A notion of the creator peering from behind the curtain, as from out of the corner of an eye something red flutters to the floor.

Suzanne Morianz, 2005

Suzanne Morianz wrote this text on the occasion of the exhibition at Lumen Travo Gallery, Amsterdam March 19, 2005.

Measurements / 2005 / lamdaprint on dibond / 50 x 50 cm / ltd. Ed. 5

A day in July / 2005 / lamdaprint on dibond / 2005, metal, wood, fabric, electric cord, / 139 x 18 x 20 cm

Deceptive Appearance / 2000 / plastic, terry cloth / 127 x 80 x 15 cm

5 P.M. / 2005 / plastic, metal, fabric, digital print on paper / 62 x 32 x 20 cm

Sea-jin-lee & Co / 2003 / fabric, metal, rubber / 165 x 18 x 23 cm // No title / 2005 / metal, fabric / 175 x 37 x 37 cm

Photo documentation: Gert Jan van Rooij. ‘Recent works’ at Lumen Travo Gallery was a DUO exhibition with Remy Jungerman.