Movement Exposed Gallery Space, Utrecht, 21 November 2020 – 20 March 2021
Impression of Rephrase in the Gallery space.

‘The central work in the exhibition Rephrase is the video Relay. In a ‘kinetic gown’ created by Wibmer herself, the performers – friends of the artist – conjure a wealth of references, for which each draws on their personal cultural and physical memories. By editing the video images of the performers, Margret Wibmer has created a movement composition that resembles a show inside a ‘Black box.’ Digitalization offers a different range of possibilities than live performance, but the images are projected in such a way inside the Movement Exposed Gallery Space that viewers experience a close proximity to the performers and the embodied experience takes centre stage. The Relay project’s many qualities are reflected in the book of the same name and a number of fascinating portraits of the performers.’

Next to Relay the gallery shows a selection of photographic works and a textile object. ‘With her work Margret Wibmer regularly intervenes in reality to show the consequences of globalization. In Visit with Victor, the embracing of the dog – a symbol from the music industry – was originally photographed in Japan. However, in the work the duo is situated in a repair shop in Cameroon, a place where things are given a second life. As such, taking care predominates in this – at first sight – dark fairy tale.’

REPHRASE, solo exhibition at Movement Exposed Gallery Space, Utrecht (Netherlands), December 2020 / February 2021. Documentation exhibition: Rosa Lommen/Movement Exposed Gallery Space, Margret Wibmer.