Join us @ EQUALS on April 18th and explore the Transformative power of Art!

During this special event at EQUALS Margret Wibmer will introduce her captivating participative performances during an artist talk and conversation with the public. ‘Time Out’ is an immersive journey exploring our relationship with time and our own temporality, previously performed at prestigious venues such as Oude Kerk Amsterdam and Palais de Tokyo in Paris. ‘Salon d’Amour’ is a masked performance and artist publication that delves into the complexity and beauty of love. It was previously performed at Natlab in Eindhoven and Kultur- und Gemeinschaftshaus Neuwirt in Wattens and is soon presented in new venues across various countries.

During my presentation, I’ll share insights into the development, inspiration, and realisation of these works, touching on themes of impermanence, connection and stillness. I’ll also provide a comprehensive introduction to the ‘Salon d’Amour’ artist publication which includes special contributions by artists Marianna Maruyama, Camila Sposati and writer Mohamedou Ould Slahi and I eagerly look forward to engaging in meaningful conversations with the audience.

🌍 Additionally, we’ll be joined by Yudi Warsosumarto from PEACH_Wien via Zoom, who will shed light on our collaborative journey leading to the creation of the artist publication. An art work in its own right, it will be available for purchase during the event, allowing you to bring a piece of this transformative experience home with you.

Don’t miss out on this enriching evening of art and conversation! See you at EQUALS on April 18th!

Connect: With her participative performances that involve the public as actors Wibmer aims at fostering more empathy and connection in our world. If you would like to join conversations on art and humanity contact Margret Wibmer about upcoming sessions at her studio for small groups, that focus on socially engaged and performance art in collaboration with the Institute for Cultural Activism International.



Margret Wibmer is an internationally exhibited artist, participatory art producer and art educator, with a broad knowledge in contemporary arts and breaking developments in the field. Many years of teaching experience in The Netherlands and beyond. Since 2020 adjunct lecturer at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore. In 2022 she joined the Institute for Cultural Activism International (USA) as collaborator and board member. 

Amsterdam Art team and VIP’s at Studio Margret Wibmer, Amsterdam. Photo credits: Amsterdam Art, 2023.


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