Margret Wibmer SALON D’AMOUR Exhibition @ Museum Wattens, Austria until 5th August 2024

Above image: Video documentation ‘Salon d’Amour’ participative performance by Margret Wibmer. 2023. Neuwirt Watten. Includes selected interviews with participant. Soundscape by Robert Poss. Click on image for video and more info.

Above image: Mask developed for Salon d’Amour participative performance by Margret Wibmer. [2024, various textiles, hair, metal ]. Currently on view at Museum Wattens. Unique.

Above image: Composition without kimono [2022. Archival pigment print mounted on dibond in wooden frame with pink and black fabric wrap. Unique]

Being placed in the context of the museum collection, shines new light on this work, bringing specific attention to the newspaper page pasted on this roughly constructed wooden box which shows horse racing results. 

What does horse racing have to do with a kimono gone stray? 

Horse racing is no longer the sport of kings but a profitable industry that is cruel and inhuman. If you have a chance to visit the museum and explore the context this work was placed in by the exhibition curator, a larger context opens up, highly relevant with regards to current socio-political developments across Europe and large parts of the world.

My sculpture Errors [1996, wood, rubber, fabric, other materials. Unique] is one of my earliest performative sculptures that explores relations between human and technology. It includes a disconnected electrical cord, it is torso and mask at the same time. It als represents a series of early works where I made use of rubber, a material that I introduce again in some of my most recent sculptures. Errors is part of the collection of Zeitkunst Galerie Collection, Kitzbühel, on loan for the duration of this exhibition.

Call Girl [2010, archival pigment fine art print mounted on Dibond, Ltd. Ed. 5 + 1 AP] is representative of a body of works that incorporate found objects into contemporary dialogues. Call Girl explores fundamental human emotions through juxtaposition. The androgynous body in a black room with a telephone without a dial, evokes an atmosphere charged with tension as it explores the blurring boundaries between human, industry, consumption and desire.

And so we carry on [2022, Archival pigment print, 100 rolls of paper and other materials] is a rolled up photograph that only reveals part of the image, creating a sense of ambiguity, possibly triggering thoughts about invisible content. The work shown next to it, titled Black clouds – progression [2022. rubber, wooden frame] also focusses on negation. Both works are unique.

Exhibition view ‘Raum ohne Namen’ situated on the museums ground floor. With works by Margret Wibmer, including loans from local art collections. On the right Red dress [2010, Archival pigment print on Dibond, Diasec] is from an ongoing series titel Reconstruction and is part of the collection of Raifeissenbank, Kitzbühel, on loan for the duration of this exhibition. On view at Museum Wattens, Austria, until 5th August 2024.

📢 ‘Salon d’Amour’ Artist Publication! 🎨✨

This signed and numbered limited edition of 300, published in 2024, is on view and available at Museum Wattens. Developed in close collaboration with PEACH_Wien with special contributions by Marianna Maruyama, Mohamedou Ould Slahi and Camila Sposati. 🖋️🌟

Don’t miss the chance to own this unique publication, an art work in its own right. For more details, please inquire at the reception desk 🏛️ or order directly via this link. Proceeds from sales contribute to the further development and continuation of ‘Salon d’Amour’. 🌿


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