Hella Berent and Margret Wibmer – ‘Intrinsic Oddity’ at LABOR in Cologne. Curated by Marion Scharmann. Opening during DC Open.

Hella Berent and Margret Wibmer explore relations between bodies, objects, and spaces. The conceptual-poetic works of both artists are characterized by openness and a quiet oddity. This encourages the rethinking of established culture-dependent conventions. Thus, sensually and with ease, the two juxtaposed artistic positions refer to current issues such as feminism, (body)identity, or cultural affiliation.

Now available in the dolomitenstadt.at online artshop.

On the occasion of my current video work ‘Material Encounters’ included in the exhibition ‘Grenzenlos – von Trennlinien und Überwindungen’ at Museum der Stadt Lienz – Schloss Bruck, the Dolomitenstadt online shop is offering above work for sale. In parallel Dolomitenstadt Magazine published the following interview. (see link in post)