A hole is invisible without its surrounding material but where is the material that originally filled the hole? ‘Cutout from sculpture’, commissioned by the Austrian art publication Quart Heft für Kultur Tirol, published in issue no. 39/22, corresponds to ‘rubber works’, a series of narrow strips from sheet rubber with holes in various sizes. Furthermore, it relates to Wibmer’s video performance ‘Relay’ that explores the interplay of presence and absence.

1. CUTOUT FROM SCULPTURE, 2022, EPDM sheet rubber, 29 x 15 cm, signed and numbered edition of 1000.

2. RUBBER WORKS, 2022 and ongoing, EPDM sheet rubber. Developed in various sizes on request. Exhibition view solo exhibition ‘Margret Wibmer – Evocative Disruptions’ , Capitl C Amsterdam, 2023/24.

3. BLACK CLOUDS PROGRESSION, 2022, EPDM sheet rubber. cardboard, wood. 77 x 30 x 5 cm. Unique. Variations are being developed. Photographs taken by Anastasia Nefedova.

4. CUTOUT FROM SCULPTURE , 2022. framed. Private collection, Amsterdam.