Open Studios – Loods 6 Amsterdam. 11 & 12 September 2021

Kind invitation
Open Studios Loods 6, Amsterdam
KNSM laan 153, 1019 LC Amsterdam
Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 September 11.00 – 17.00

Special event:
Artist talk – Margret Wibmer in conversation with curator and critic Saskia Monshouwer
11 & 12 September at 15:00
Due to Covid related guidelines, seats will be limited. First come, first served.

About Loods 6 
Monument Loods 6 celebrates its 100th anniversary this year and 40 of those years have been and still are devoted to art and culture. During the Open Monument Days, around 40 participants on all floors of the 24,000 m2 large industrial building will participate in Open Studios. There is a lot of art to see and visitors can enjoy lectures, performances and film screenings.
 Affordable studio space is hard to find, especially in cities with a large community of artists and cities effected by gentrification. Loods 6, one of the largest and oldest cultural hubs in Amsterdam, finds itself in a vulnerable position. The tenants of Loods 6, organised as the interest group Loods 6Community, recently received a summons from the housing cooperation De Key. Through this procedure, De Key aims at using the assets of Loods 6 for its own purposes, even though, according to the articles of the association statutory, these assets are intended for the arts and culture sector. The judge will rule mid 2022. 
Visit Open Studios and find out how you can support us and contribute to keeping art on the tracks.


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