Margret Wibmer solo exhibition ‘Rephrase’ opened at Movement Exposed Gallery Space on 21 November 2020. After being closed for several months due to the pandemic, it has reopened again for the public and will be on view until 10 April 2021. Reserving a time slot via the gallery website is required.

‘The central work in the exhibition Rephrase is the video Relay. In a ‘kinetic gown’ created by Wibmer herself, the performers – friends of the artist – conjure a wealth of references, for which each draws from their cultural and physical memories. Through the video editing process Margret Wibmer in collaboration with Florian Krepcik, has created a movement composition that resembles a show inside a ‘Black box.’ Digitalization offers a different range of possibilities than live performance. In addition, the large wall projections at Movement Exposed Gallery Space enable the viewers to experience a close proximity to the performers. The Relay project’s many qualities are reflected in the eponymous artist book and a number of fascinating photographic portraits of the performers also on view at the gallery. In addition on view is a selection of Wibmer’s earlier photographic works.’

_Gallery text by Marcelle Schots


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