Amsterdam – Bangkok – New York

‘Salon d’Amour’ publication in the making in collaboration with PEACH Vienna. ‘Absence of the tea master’ will be shown at BACC in Bangkok. ‘Time Out’ will be shown at Oude Kerk Amsterdam. Institute for Cultural Activism performances during Upstate Art Weekend New York in preparation.

Art for impact sessions in Amsterdam

Offered for a small group in an intimate setting and in close collaboration with the Institute for Cultural Activism International, a US based non for profit, this course focusses on socially engaged and performance art. For anyone interested to learn more about art as a powerful tool for change. Available via

Celebrate with us!

It is my great pleasure to share the exciting news that the Institute for Cultural Activism International which I joined as board member last fall, is now officially a Tax Exempt Public Art Charity, a 501(c)(3) which means we can fiscally sponsor other artists projects and offer tax exemption to donors!!

ARIA DI CAPRI / Fresh Air, Secret Gardens

ARIA DI CAPRI / FRESH AIR is a QR Activation Event that occurred on Capri Island, Italy, in the Mediterranean Ocean, summer 2022. This is a nomadic event traveling from country to country. 

A group of specially costumed performance artists walk slowly, in procession, through the town displaying a logo comprised of a QR CODE and a Lemon insignia. The public engage by snapping photos and activating the QR Logo MediaStream.