Material encounters, 2018, video
Material Encounters Margret Wibmer 2018
Material Encounters : dancer Miri Lee performing , 2018

I regularly use fabrics in my work in relation to the body. The fabric is not just worn like clothing but acts as a tool, revealing invisible narratives, desires, fears and embodied magic.

For ‘Material Encounters’, a close collaboration with dancer Miri Lee, I developed a multilayered textile prop that responds to Miri’s movement and choreography which was developed in parallel during a sequence of rehearsals.

The dancers body gets entangled between layers of fabric during concentrated and slow movement. Lead by breathing rather than intention, the dancer succeeds in sculpting the material from within, creating diverse shapes that deeply engage the viewers. Supported by a captivating soundscape, the work explores notions of femininity and human imagination, inviting a manifold of associations.

‘Material Encounters’ has specifically been developed for video, exploring the depth and tangibility of digital space and it is not intended as a live performance.

Margret Wibmer: Concept, garment design, photography, production, Miri Lee: Dance, choreography / Jongkag Park: Soundscape / Florian Krepcik: Filming, editing / Joost Verest: Lighting.

The realization of this project was generously supported by: Stichting Stokroos, Land Tirol, Natlab. Special thanks to Loods 6 Bagagehal.