RELAY, video, 2020

In her multimedia work ‘Relay’ visual artist Margret Wibmer analyses the relationship between body, object and (digital) space through individual performances in front of a camera. She investigates the possibility of re-activating a performance through digital media. Ten participants, all close friends of the artist, interpret a textile prop that was created by Wibmer for the purpose of the intervention. These improvisations in front of a black back ground reveal intrinsic processes. Balancing on the boundaries between tangible materiality and digital (im)materiality, individual states of the soul may surface and also a deep awareness, connecting us with others and with the world. Wibmer sees the performers as representatives of something universally human, which shapes the broader context of this work. This video was released in parallel with the eponymous book publication, published by Vfmk – Verlag für moderne Kunst, Vienna and the Collectors Edition.

Relay video still Margret Wibmer 2020
RELAY, video still, 2020

RELAY, 2020, video, 14:50 min. Limited Edition 3

Margret Wibmer: Concept, design textile object, camera & lighting. / Florian Krepcik: Video production & edit / Robert Poss: music & sound design / Performers: Al Attara, Alva Rogers, Bi Lee, Laura Rubin, Linda Mason, Michael Chang, Nina Allen, Suzanne Morianz, Mara Meyers, Tania Haselwander.

The realisation of this video was generously supported by FondsKwadraat, Land Tirol, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds / Tijlfonds, Federal Ministry Republic of Austria – Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport.